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Clean Technology Business Review
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Colt Group Limited Colt Group Limited (Colt Group) is a UK-based company that manufactures building equipment and provides building related services. It offers environmental friendly, healthy and safe products and systems related to industrial and commercial buildings. The company designs and installs systems for smoke control, climate control, heating, natural ventilation, solar shading, and louvre systems. Colt Group also offers services including advice, project management, design, supply, solving and installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems. It broadly classifies its products and services into four divisions: Smoke Control systems, Climate Control systems, Architectural Solutions, and Service & Maintenance. The company carries out its business operations across 75 countries throughout Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Colt Group is headquartered in Hampshire, the UK. Company Data Asian Star Company Limited Asian Star Company Limited (Asian Star) is a diamond and jewellery manufacturing company, based in India. The company operates its business through, diamond manufacturing, jewellery manufacturing, and retailing business. The company’s jewellery manufacturing division, A' Star Jewellery has its presence in Mumbai and Hosur, Tamil Nadu with an annual production capacity of 450,000 pieces. It along with its subsidiary Asian Star Jewels Pvt. Ltd., crafts diamonds for designed jewellery and has 300,000 pieces per annum production capacity. Asian Star is ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. The company markets its products across 3 continents namely, Asia, Europe and America. Asian Star is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Company Data Ecotricity Group Limited Ecotricity Group Limited (Ecotricity), formerly known as Nexgen Group Limited is a green electricity company. It generates electricity through renewable energy sources. The company’s services include selling electricity, planning, feasibility, installation, operation, building, and maintenance of the wind turbines. Ecotricity offers customer services such as paying bill online, energy saving advice, meter reading, and others. It serves small and medium sized businesses, local authorities, organic food retailers, and schools among others. The company operates through its 52 wind turbines at 16 wind parks across the UK. It also owns research and development labs for the production and usage of energy. Ecotricity is headquartered in Stroud, Gloucestershire, the UK. Company Data Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V. Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V. (CB&I) is an integrated engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) service provider. It specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions to customers mainly in the energy, petrochemical and natural resource industries. It also undertakes activities related to process technology licensing. The company classifies business activities into three reportable sectors, namely, Steel Plate Structures, Project Engineering and Construction, and Lummus Technology. It has operations spread in more than 70 locations across North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East, Central and South America and Asia Pacific. CB&I is headquartered in Hague, the Netherlands. The company intends to expand business portfolio through organic growth activities within existing markets. As part of which, it completed acquisition of Shaw Group, Inc. which will enable it to expand services into energy growth areas, including power generation and non-energy related business sector. It also intends to seek opportunities and achieve sustained growth in LNG, gas processing, nuclear power, off sand, offshore, refining and petrochemical sector. Company Data Tokuyama Corporation Tokuyama Corporation (Tokuyama) is a chemical manufacturing company. It carries out the production and sale of chemical and allied products, such as soda ash, caustic soda, silicon products, vinyl chloride monomer/polymer, fine chemicals, film products, medical materials, electronics materials, cement, plastic window sashes. The company also offers services for the product line. Its product line is classified into four broad categories, namely, Chemicals, Specialty Products, Cement, and Life and Amenity. Geographically, the company operates across Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, United States, Thailand, France and Germany. It was formerly known as Tokuyama Soda Co., Ltd. Tokuyama is headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Tokuyama focuses on growing its polycrystalline silicon business. It also aims to raise its global share of polycrystalline silicon production for solar cells to more than 10%. This intent can be indicated form the construction of the second-phase polycrystalline silicon plant in Sarawak, Malaysia. Company Data Sony Corporation Sony Corporation (Sony) is a Japanese electronic products manufacturing company. It principally engages in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling audio and video products, information and communication products, televisions, and host of other electronic components. Its product line comprises cameras, semiconductors, batteries, game consoles, game software, music software, mobile phone and animation works. The company also provides services such as banking and credit finance. The company operates its business through eight reportable segments namely, Imaging Products & Solutions, Game, Mobile Products & Communications, Home Entertainment & Sound, Devices, Pictures, Music, and Financial Services. Sony, along with its subsidiaries, has major operations in Japan, and across several countries in North America, Europe and Asia. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Company Data Electricite de France S.A. Electricite de France S.A. (EDF) is an integrated energy company. It carries out generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. EDF also engages in the supply of natural gas. It also offers energy services, including district heating and other services. The group generates electricity from diverse sources such as nuclear, fossil-fired, hydraulic, wind, and other renewable energy sources. EDF operates globally with main focus on the four major European markets including France, Germany, the UK and Italy. The company caters to an array of industrial, small business, local authorities, and residential customers. EDF is headquartered in Paris, France. The company focuses on capacity expansion initiatives to increase its market base as well as profit margins. It intends to increase the nuclear output between 410-415 TWh (terawatt-hour per year) in France. As part of group synergies and transformation plan, the company launched €1 billion savings program. Company Data Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Samsung) is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors, information technology products, digital media, and telecommunication infrastructure systems in the world. The company manufactures IT business products, printers, professional displays, telecommunication devices, set top boxes and solar modules. Samsung also produces components such as semiconductor, LCD panels, compressors, and storage and fiber optic devices. The company provides a wide range of solutions for hospitality, healthcare, finance, education, government and insurance sectors. Samsung is headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Samsung aims to introduce an optimized long term evolution (LTE) solution for extremely dense user areas that require higher capacity mobile broadband, simultaneously improving service quality in weak-signal areas. In line with this strategy, it launched a commercial LTE service in 2012 in partnership with KDDI, a Japanese telecom operator. The company also established a new joint venture named Samsung Suzhou LCD (SSL) in China, in cooperation with Suzhou Industrial Park and TCL Corporation. Through SSL, the company aims to create synergies by establishing an integrated LCD panel production base in China by utilizing the world-class infrastructure in Suzhou Industrial Park. Company Data GS Yuasa Corporation GS Yuasa Corporation (GS Yuasa) is a manufacturer of storage batteries, power supply systems, lighting equipment, and other electrical equipment. The product portfolio of the company include automotive and motorcycle batteries, industrial batteries, special batteries, power supply systems, lithium-ion battery, lighting equipment, ultraviolet systems, nickel-metal hydride battery, and membrane systems. The company serves original equipment manufacturers and replacement markets. Geographically, the company operates along with its subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the world. The company offices are located on Tokyo and Kyoto. GS Yuasa is headquartered at Tokyo, Japan. The company focuses on increasing reputation for inventive and innovative thinking, flexibility and customer focus. It mainly concentrates to serve diversified customers and markets and also assures a continuous, innovative and distinctive flow of manufacturing and marketing of storage batteries, power supply systems, lighting equipment, specialty and other electrical equipment. Company Data Whirlpool Corporation Whirlpool Corporation (Whirlpool) is one of the leading manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. The company offers major home appliances and related products, such as laundry appliances, refrigerators and freezers, cooking appliances, dishwashers, mixers and other portable household appliances. Its key brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Brastemp, Consul, and Bauknecht. The company has more than 65 manufacturing and technology research centers across 12 countries and markets products across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia. Whirlpool is headquartered in Delaware, the US. The company aims at the expansion of its home appliances business in China, as recently it entered in a strategic alliance in China with Suning Appliance Co., Ltd., for the sales of home appliances in China. Company Data Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras S.A. Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras S.A. (Eletrobras) is an energy company. It carries out generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The company generates hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric plants, wind farms and thermonuclear plants. Eletrobras operates through a network of transmission lines, distribution lines and substations. It generates about 35.5% electricity of the Brazil's total generation capacity. Eletrobras controls the major part of power generation and transmission systems in Brazil through its subsidiaries: Eletrobras CGTEE, Eletrobras Chesf, Eletrobras Eletronorte, Eletrobras Eletrosul, Eletrobras Furnas and Eletrobras Eletronuclear. Electrobas is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As part of business strategy, the company focuses on enhancing its operational efficiency through installing new power plants and transmission lines. Recently, it commenced operations of the first generation unit at Passo Sao Joao hydroelectric plant, in the northeast part of Rio Grande do Sul. Company Data Eskom Holdings SOC Limited Eskom Holdings SOC Limited (Eskom), formerly Eskom Holdings Limited, is a government-owned integrated power company. The company undertakes the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It supplies electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers, and to municipalities for redistribution to households and businesses. The company classifies its business into seven reportable segments, namely, Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Group capital, Group customer services, All other segments, and Corporate and other. The company procures electricity and markets it in countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which includes South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria and Mali. Eskom owns and operates coal-fired, gas-fired, hydro and pumped storage power stations, besides two nuclear power stations. Eskom is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa. The company focuses on investments to strengthen its value chain and asset portfolio, and plans to add 17 GW capacity to the national grid by 2018 to meet the rising demand. It intends to reduce environmental degradation and pursue low-carbon renewable opportunities in the market. Its operational structure and strength in the market reflect its role in supporting and adjusting energy balance in the country. Company Data CPFL Energia S.A. CPFL Energia S.A. (CPFL) is a holding company which carries out regulated and non regulated electricity business. The company generates, distributes and commercializes electricity through its various subsidiaries. It operates various hydro, thermal, wind and biomass generation units, with total installed capacity of approximately 2,922 megawatts. CPFL commercializes electricity besides providing related electricity services to affiliates and unaffiliated parties. Its service portfolio includes equipment recovery and repairs, construction of transmission and distribution networks; and maintenance services. The company serves residential, commercial and institutional and industrial customers in Brazil. CPFL is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company focuses to grow through acquisitions. In line with the strategy, in 2012, CPFL acquired 100% shares of Atlantica I Parque Eolico S.A., Atlantica II Parque Eolico S.A., Atlantica IV Parque Eolico S.A. and Atlantica V Parque Eolico S.A., through its subsidiary CPFL Energias Renovaveis. The company also acquired 100% shares of BVP S.A.; and SPE Lacenas Participacoes Ltda. Company Data GP Batteries International Limited GP Batteries International Limited (GP Batteries) is a manufacturer and marketer of batteries and related products. The company carries out developing, manufacturing and marketing of batteries and battery-related products for various industries. It supplies battery products to leading battery companies, original equipment manufacturers and consumer retail markets under its brand name GP. The company’s product portfolio includes power bank and consumer rechargeable batteries, primary batteries, lithium polymer and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, and electric vehicle batteries. The company owns and operates production facilities in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Geographically, the company operates a wide network of marketing and trading offices in different countries across the world. GP Batteries is headquartered in Singapore. GP Batteries mainly focuses on emerging markets, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, India, South America and the Middle East to become one of the world’s key suppliers of primary and rechargeable batteries. The company continues to invest in automation and streamlining production processes to enhancing product quality and to improve productivity. Company Data Suncor Energy Inc. Suncor Energy Inc. (Suncor) is an integrated energy company. It carries out upgradation and development of oil sands; production of conventional and offshore oil and gas; and refining of petroleum. The company produces oil, natural gas, electricity and ethanol. Through its refinery operations, Suncor produces bitumen blends, gasoline, jet fuel, asphalt, diesel, sweet and sour crude oil, chemicals, heavy fuel and home heating oils, petroleum coke and sulphur. The company operates a network of 1,500 retail and wholesale outlets under Petro-Canada brand. Suncor is headquartered in Alberta, Canada. The company intends to continuously review and refine its portfolio of assets to ensure that it invests in projects that deliver profitable growth and strong returns for shareholders. To this end, the company entered into an agreement to sell the conventional portion of its natural gas business in Western Canada to a newly established partnership between Centrica plc and Qatar Petroleum International. Company Data Energy Recovery, Inc. Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI) is an energy recovery devices and pumps manufacturing company. It carries out the design, development and manufacture of energy recovery devices for sea water reverse osmosis and brackish water reverse osmosis desalination plants. The company’s product portfolio includes PX devices, turbochargers, high-pressure feed pumps and booster pumps. ERI's products serve engineering, procurement and construction firms, and original equipment manufacturers. The company markets its products under brands such as Eri, IsoBoost, and IsoGen, Pump Engineering, PX Pressure Exchanger and Pressure Exchanger. The company commercializes its products through its sales organization as well as authorized and independent sales agents. Geographically, the company operates in various countries including Australia, India, Spain, Ireland, Algeria, Israel, the US, China and the UAE. ERI is headquartered in San Leandro, California, the US. ERI focuses on business expansion through novel solutions that meet diverse industrial needs. It intends to work with new partners and foresees demand for desalination market in Middle East and North African region. Company Data Comverge, Inc. Comverge, Inc. (Comverge) is a clean energy company. It specializes in the provision of innovative solutions for peak and base load capacity to electric utilities, grid operators and associated electricity markets. It provides smart grid solutions to utilities and other energy customers consisting of demand response systems including hardware, software and installation services. Comverge solutions offer two-way, real-time communication between utilities and customers. It provides rapid and flexible responses with changing conditions. The company operates through offices located in Pennsylvania; Colorado, New York and New Jersey. It has approximately 15 subsidiaries including 6D Comverge, Inc., Alternative Energy Resources, Inc., Clean Power Markets, Inc., Comverge Canada, Inc., LLC and Comverge South Africa (Pty), Ltd. among others. The company is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, the US. As part of business strategy, the company focuses on developing novel solutions to the changing markets. It also intends to partner with leading utilities and energy management companies for research and development operations. Company Data Linde AG Linde AG (Linde) is a Germany-based industrial gases and engineering company. It manufactures different industrial gases and offers facilities and equipment for gas applications. Linde offers gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and argon, acetylene and other burnable gases, medical gases, protective welding gases, purified gases, testing gases, hydrogen and inert gases. The gases its produces are used in sectors such as energy, steel production, chemical processing, environmental protection, welding, food processing, glass production and electronics. Linde operates through three reportable business divisions, namely, Gases, Engineering and Other Activities divisions. The company’s Suzhou plant produces electronic gases, which are utilized in the manufacture of solar modules. The company operates through 600 affiliate companies in nearly 100 countries worldwide. Linde is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Company Data Praxair, Inc. Praxair, Inc. (Praxair) is a producer and supplier of industrial gases. The company mainly offers atmospheric gases and process gases. It also designs and builds equipment that produces industrial gases for internal use and external sale. Praxair provides support services such as remote plant monitoring, leak detection, mechanical cleaning and mobile nitrogen pumping services. It caters its products to approximately 25 industries including aerospace, food and beverage, healthcare, semiconductor, chemicals, refining, waste management, utilities, renewable energy, and ore and gas production. The company designs, engineers and constructs cryogenic and non-cryogenic supply systems that include cylinder storage, pipelines and micro bulk delivery systems. Praxair's surface technology segment operates through Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. The company operates in more than 50 countries across the world. Praxair is headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, the US. Company Data Nalco Holding Company Nalco Holding Company (Nalco) is a water treatment and process improvement company. It offers technologies and services for water treatment in industrial processes. The company offers treatment of boiler water, cooling water, influent and wastewater, along with practical solutions for process improvements, pulp applications, paper applications and pollutant control. It also provides on-site, technology-driven solutions to the global natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical industries. Nalco is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecolab Inc., and is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, the US. Nalco envisages establishing itself through the development of innovative hygiene and energy technologies and services, internal development, strong partner relationships, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions. Company Data

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