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Hydroconstruct - The Rubber Dam Company

Based in Steyr, Austria, Hydroconstruct offers rubber dams for flood protection, energy production, irrigation and other river/water control applications. Our rubber membrane is manufactured in one piece and allows construction heights up to 4.50m and lengths of 100m and more without welding. The special rubber composition and reinforcement ensures rugged long-life quality for a lifetime of more than 30 years. Although we see great advantages in water-filled rubber dam systems, we also offer air-filled rubber dams.

dam image

Complete water or air filled rubber dams

Hydroconstruct is a full service rubber dam manufacturer. Engineering, rubber membrane production and installation, clamping rails and locksmithworks production and installation, supply and installation of piping system, supply and installation of equipment for control and regulation, automation and commissioning will be provided by Hydroconstruct. We will also take care of the integration of the rubber dam into your regulation system.

International representations in India, Italy and France

From our representation in India we serve the whole Indian subcontinent. Our representatives in Italy and France handle projects in Italy and French speaking countries respectively.

All other markets are managed from our Austrian headquarters.

A dam in Italy

Largest water-filled rubber dam in Europe

We recently finished the largest water-filled rubber dam in Europe, in Albania. This dam consists of four spans which add up to a total length of 250m. The height of the rubber dam is 2.50m.

High-security flood protection by energy-independent emergency systems

Our water-filled rubber dam systems offer four independent security systems. These systems automatically prevent head water flooding even in cases of a power blackout. Without the need of energy and controls, the rubber dam is deflating automatically. Therefore the flexible dam opens for the river flow.

dam image 3

Environmentally friendly rubber dams

Low energy consumption and the absence of mechanical parts make Hydroconstruct rubber dams a green technology. The principle of rubber dam operation reduces the need for oils and lubricants to zero. Especially water-filled rubber dams use hydrostatic pressure to erect the barrier. By pumping river water into a gravity shaft system the rubber dam is filled. Thus the energy consumption is defined by the pumping rate or filling time you want to achieve. Moreover the amount of energy needed for production of the dam itself is far less compared with equivalent traditional steel weirs.

close-up shot of a dam in Italy

Advantages of Hydroconstruct water-filled rubber dam systems

Hydroconstruct rubber dams are light on your maintenance budget. Additionally, water-filled systems have a lower tendency for oscillations or vibrations. They allow exact continuous adjustment of head water level from zero to construction height. The weir crest always maintains a horizontal position. Thus the stilling basin is charged evenly and less prone to damage.

In contrast to air-filled rubber dams, water-filled systems show no buoying upwards in case of high tail water levels. Damage to the rubber membrane does not really affect rubber dam operation. Sudden collapse as seen with air-filled rubber dams is impossible. The filling and drainage system is very robust against leakages. Finally, there is no problem with water condensation.

A dam in India

Hydroconstruct rubber dams - a highly flexible system

Hydroconstruct rubber dams are flexible in multiple ways. First, there is the flexibility of the rubber membrane in operation, which renders the rubber dam hard-wearing against flotsam of various sizes. Second, straight and curved dam geometries are possible. Third, it compensates non-horizontal or staggered base plate geometries along the longitudinal section.


Schuhbodengasse 12
4400 Steyr
Tel: +43 07252 / 72471
Fax: +43 07252 / 72471 11
Email: office@hydroconstruct.at
Website: www.hydroconstruct.at